Lightning hasn’t returned thanks to Zavvi

If any of you follow me on Twitter, then I’m sure most of you will have seen my absolute fury over the past week or so at Zavvi.

I suppose I should start from the beginning…

I pre-ordered Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on 05-02-14 that was due for release on Valentine’s Day, and I got 10% off for pre-ordering so that took my total down to £26.78.

Happy days! Brand new game on release for nearly half the price, great for me as I can’t usually afford to get games on release due to being in a constant state of skint. It seemed too good to be true.

Thursday 13th came and there was still no sign of my order being dispatched so I got a bit worried and sent this tweet to Zavvi, with the follow up reply that came on the day of release.


Then came this email to explain what had happened.


Which was fair enough, shit happens and obviously they don’t have the stock to send out as the manufacturers haven’t sent it. I was prepared to wait for Lightning. She’s worth it obviously.

Saturday I was in work, and checked my emails as I was on my lunch and was surprised to find not one but TWO emails from Zavvi.


I didn’t send a request to cancel anything! The last message I sent to Zavvi was on twitter saying thank you!


Cue the rage…

Naturally when I got on my next break I wanted to know what in the actual hell was going on.


Then when I got home and had still received no reply, I sent an email through my account on the message centre. I now wish I hadn’t bothered as the emails I got when replying were clearly either never read or just glossed over.

This reply was Sunday morning:


After sending my contact number, I hadn’t received a call or reply until I got this on Monday:


The fact I got an apology was something, but saying I would have to re-put the order back through myself, to be charged the full amount even though I had pre-ordered with 10% is ridiculous.

Every email I got didn’t even mention my original complaint.


So first of all the game is delayed and wouldn’t be sent out until 3 days after release, then my order is cancelled for no reason and when questioned I just get the runaround with no explanation.

Absolutely unacceptable customer service. Needless to say my FFX/X-2 HD Limited Edition pre-order will be cancelled by myself for a retailer that delivers what they promise.

(I waited a few days to post this because I wanted to let the boiling hot rage get down to a simmer…)


It’s Just a Game – A zine I contributed to!!

It’s Just A Game is a zine curated & edited by Elizabeth Simins, she even drew the brilliant cover art for both volumes!! See the awesome art below 🙂

Two volumes containing an assortment of art, writing, and category-defying creations about games and I wrote a thing for it!

The main tumblr is here, and if you want to buy both volumes you can purchase it here.

I’m so excited to be a part of this and can’t wait to get my copy to see it all in it’s printed glory.
Contributors actually get a percentage of the profits so please buy so we all get some money. PLEASE!

It's Just a Game zine

We love jRPGs! The Collection


I was extremely lucky to be able to work with Lauren Wainwright for a collaborative post on her website about our favourite jRPGs and it features a lot of other awesome people!

I wrote about Final Fantasy X, how much I love it and how I can’t wait for the HD version to be released!


Head here to read my bit on Final Fantasy X and while you are at it, read the others. Makes me want to go and play every single game that’s mentioned.

Great work guys!

The Walking Dead: 400 Days

Attempting to update my blog on my BlackBerry due to lack of PC. Let’s see how this goes haha! No shiny pictures to go along with posts for now.

Telltale Games have announced a DLC add on for the original Walking Dead game, 400 Days.

400 Days introduces five new characters and their stories, but follows the timeline of the original game. It seems that the second season of game episodes will revolve around these new characters.

I adored the first season and can’t wait to play 400 Days and the upcoming second season! Can it be the 10th already please!

Here is the full list of releases across all platforms.

Tuesday, July 2nd – PlayStation Network (North America)
Wednesday, July 3rd – PC/Mac (Steam, Telltale Games Store)
Friday, July 5th – Xbox Live (Worldwide)
Wednesday, July 10th – PlayStation Network (Europe)
Thursday, July 11th – iOS (Worldwide)

A PlayStation Vita version for The Walking Dead and 400 Days is also in development.

I can’t wait to hear what everyone thinks of 400 Days!

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge review on PS3


Originally released in 2012 Ninja Gaiden 3 left a lot of fans confused and wondering what happened to the game they were all hyped about. A few months down the line came the launch of the Wii U and the revamp of the Ninja Gaiden 3 game as Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge, including the original DLC but some enhancements to address the issues from the original release and it was ported to PS3 and Xbox 360.

The story revolves around Ryu, our Ninja assassin who gets a visit from the Japanese Self Defence Force (JSDF) who wants him to help with a terrorist attack in London. The terrorists are known as the Lords of Alchemy and after a showdown with the leader, Ryu finds himself cursed with the Grip of Murder and he loses the Dragon Sword in the process. (He doesn’t have much luck does he?) On top of that the Lords of Alchemy are going to destroy the world if every nation does not surrender within a week.

Prepare for the hacking and slashing!

Combat consists of weak and strong attacks, and using combos will gain you special moves. For every weapon there are at least 50 combos to choose from, but some require a long string of button presses to pull off. You can also guard, jump and dash out the way in battle which comes in useful.

Razor’s Edge still has the dismemberment mechanic from Ninja Gaiden 2 where limbs fall off your enemies as you pummel them. It does seem to be random which limb falls off and at that point you can pummel them some more, use an instant kill technique or the enemy will crazily attack you to the point of suicide to heavily damage you. (Which is a lot more hilarious than it sounds!)

The storyline is fun, if not forgettable but as an action game the levels are so tedious that you will eventually get bored. Wave after wave of unvaried enemies means I switched the difficulty setting down to easy just so I could get through them quicker. Boss battles are welcome relief from the levels with unique patterns that need near perfect execution. It was easy to lose patience after a few tries especially with the T-Rex boss. Having to attack and dodge out of the way and then repeat numerous times without making a mistake was frustrating.

To make levels a little less linear, Golden scarabs can be hunted for Karma points. Karma points reward players for the actions they take during combat. Karma serves as the game’s currency as well as a measure of the player’s performance as Karma can be used to purchase new abilities, weapons, upgrades and costumes. While the level layout hasn’t changed since the original, new platforms and wall-running sections have been added to existing levels to add a bit of variety and exploration.

New additions to your team are Ayane, Kasumi, and Momiji, female characters who are a kick-ass addition to the game! Ayane and Momiji were playable in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, and utilize modified combos and projectile attacks in addition to new abilities in Razor’s Edge. Kasumi is an all-new character to the Ninja Gaiden series, and uses a unique reverse-grip sword fighting style and unique projectiles and throws. These new characters and inclusion of new weapons is what gives interest to the game as it is fun to figure out which character you like best due to the unique perks and special attacks that make combat different with each character and experimenting with weapons.

Razors Edge is a vast improvement over the original, trying hard to bring the game back to the roots of the series. But monotonous combat, boss battles requires fingers of lightning speed and unchanged level layouts still mean that it does all get a bit boring quite quickly. That being said hardcore fans will love it especially for the cinematic combat and gore that was missing from the original, other players however may not.

Been a rough month or so.

Hey guys,

I definitely need a kick up the butt when it comes to updating this blog. But this month has made me realise that life is too short. If I want to get anywhere then I need to put time into things.

Long story short, a fantastic opportunity came up for my blog, then my PC broke before I could do anything about it. On top of that I had a death in the family that I had to fly home immediately for. So yeah, like the title said a rough month was had.

But I am taking the opportunity while I have access to a PC at home to update.

Review imminent folks 🙂

Game Dev Tycoon – Piracy ain’t cool kids


In an ironic sort of way, pirates have been illegally downloading Game Dev Tycoon, the game development simulator from Greenheart Games and I was introduced to the game through the news of the clever surprise included within the game for pirates.

Pre-empting the game’s eventual appearance on file-sharing sites, Patrick and Daniel Klug uploaded their own cracked copy of the full game with hidden extras!

Those who play the pirated version were warned that their attempts at creating games would be hampered by piracy in-game. Profits for each project would be less than those who own and paid for the full game and would eventually end in bankruptcy.

Many users did not get the hint despite the repeated warnings throughout the game and even took to forums to try and solve their problems. EVEN asking for DRM workarounds.

3104 of the 3318 copies being played the day after the game released were pirated copies. Wow.

The game comes DRM-free, with an installer for all three computer platforms, with copies for three computers, and a Steam key if their Steam Greenlight campaign is successful!

That’s all for the measly price of £5.69. Five english pounds and sixty nine pence.
So naturally I’m appalled at the rampant piracy when the game itself costs no more than a pub lunch.

Intrigued by game itself I downloaded the demo and found myself playing right up until Year 5 when the demo ends. I still wanted to play more.

I am no stranger to financial strife and not having enough money to buy the latest games but for that price I couldn’t refuse.

What a neat little game. I can’t praise it enough. Bravo Patrick and Daniel for showing the pirates who’s the boss!

The Walking Dead game – Episode 1: A New Day

Walking Dead game

I am so far behind the times in gaming that I would probably need an entire month off, no social contact and a stockpile of snacks to play everything I have in my playlist. Not including stuff I don’t have but want to play. -weeps-

I do occasionally catch up when I can afford to buy a game and am desperate to play it (Tomb Raider – review coming soon I promise)

So when the promotion for The Walking Dead game appeared on PSN last/this month I couldn’t pass it up. Episodes 2-4 are discounted to just £2 if you have PlayStation Plus. Episode 1: A New Day is free to download at the moment, so naturally I had to download it and see what everyone was talking about when it first came out.

I wasn’t disappointed. Now if you want a game where you can shoot your way through the game, blowing up zombie heads as you go, then I suggest you go play CoD because The Walking Dead is far more than shoot-em up zombie game. Don’t get me wrong, there are action sequences but you’ll spend most of your time making decisions and living with the consequences as you play through as the main character Lee Everett. Conversation options are usually time sensitive so you only have a limited time to pick a reply and how you want to come across.

The way characters perceive Lee is going to affect future episodes, which makes for replayability. There was a point where I went back to the main menu and reloaded from the last save so I could do something differently as I didn’t want the character to think badly of me. It reminds me of the create your own adventure books I used to read as a kid. I can shape the character the way I want, kind and caring or closed off emotionless drone.

The Walking Dead has a cell-shaded look with thick black lines tracing the characters and objects. It makes for striking scenery and gives the game a unique look and feel. I loved the style of the game within the first minute of seeing it and it ties in with the fact it is based on a series of comic books. The combat and conversation system is simple to use but still adds a tough element when you are trying to line up that cursor to bash a zombies brains in! Environments are littered with interaction points that you can hover over with the cursor and choose to look at for more info, open, talk to or so on.

Driven by the mysteries and complexities surrounding Lee as a character, it is a story about humans first and monsters second. People who are thrown together by circumstance and go through events that will test them to their very limits all the while trying to survive.

I have the other 4 episodes in the series downloading, and I can’t wait to see how Lee’s story turns out. I know I’m going to enjoy finding out.